January 2017 – Igniting a Passionate Faith

                     Due to serious illness this Crossroads web site has been inoperative
                    for nearly a year.  As we begin 2017, we are updating  the site. During
                    the end of 2016, Nancy and I (Jack) were surprised by visits from several
                    Crossroads alumni.  These totally, unexpected, visits and a couple of
                    phoncons  with believers we have known for a long time have encouraged
                    me to update the message of the Crossroads web site.


Faith and Passion
February 11, 2017

Maintaining a fervent and active faith-based passion in 2017 is beyond difficult for every believer. The faith of many older, long time believers is being devastated.  It is true: the spiraling ethical and moral decadence that permeates our culture can be consuming to the most deeply committed Christian. 

The loudly, pervasive, anti-Christian message has become the dominant overarching message of every aspect of our media. To maintain an active and effective lifestyle, is difficult in the extreme.  That the seriously committed believer is struggling to consistently live a Christ centered lifestyle is the norm today.

This web site is committed to providing a “Safe Place”: a place where anyone and everyone who claims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ can find answers to the big questions:

              How do I re-establish the fervor that I once had ? How do I 
       embrace a lifestyle that is marked by a dependence upon 
       Jesus Christ that shapes every aspect of my everyday life ?

Years ago Wayne Anderson taught the Crossroads staff a biblical lifestyle axiom that was life-changing for many of us.  Although many different paradigms have been preached and taught across the country, we think that there is not one that is more easily taught, and lived out than this little, simple 3-part formula.

                                                                      FAITH, and

Before we begin to unpack this magnificent paradigm, we need to understand a few overarching biblical truths that frame the paradigm.  The major key truths can
be described very simply by one-word biblical discriptives. 

These words are well worn and clearly understood as being part of the basic of the faith-vocabulary.  Think: Faith, Love, Relationship, Learning, and the Intimacy Paradigm.  Also included in this mix are the thoughts of Serious Determination and Fellow-Travelers. We will start by thinking about the needed “Serious Determination” factor.

Serious Determination
Many Crossroads' alumni testify to the lifestyle impact that they experienced as they began to live by Wayne's Grace, Faith, Focus paradigm.  And !  The descriptive word that we have heard most often is the word PASSION.  Many older, long-time believers tell us that they have never enjoyed their faith-walk like they have since they began to learn how to make this paradim their way of life.  But all of us who sat under Wayne's teaching can vividly recall Wayne’s opening remarks of his every teaching session.  Most of us can almost quote Wayne.  In fact it was Charlie Winkelman who repeatedly told Wayne that he knew what he was going to say as every teaching session  began.  

Then Wayne would tell all of us that Charlie was right; then he would make a statement similar to the words below:  

                “If you are committed to living biblically, and you view the
         scriptures as revealing God’s complete and necessary lifestyle
         details for the believer who wants to maintain a passionate
         faith, this 3-part paradigm will provide you withs the
experiential How-Tos.”  
               (Wayne Anderson)