What about Heaven ????

Why is it that we very seldom talk about Heaven ?
Think about this: every single one of us reading
these words know that in a day yet future, life
will end. Yet we talk very little about what comes
when our lives here on planet earth finally end.

This web site update is being written by one whose life has recently been altered by several life-transforming happenings. Because Nancy’s Alzheimer’s had continued to consume her life we needed to sell our home and move into a assisted living facility. As difficult as it was we did move in November 2018.

Then! On December 7 of 2018 …. and less than a month of living at Sunnybrook Village in Brunswick …. Nancy fell and broke her neck. This 3 am fall was a devastating happening. But I want to move on in this story.

At this point – on January 13, 2020 – Nancy has been in 2 hospitals and 2 rehabs, and is now at Horizon, an assisted living facility. And, she will undoubtedly spend the rest of her life there.

But there is one bit of good news midst this big upheaval: Nancy is living in a wonderful, caring community that is only 15 minutes from Coastal Landing where I now live.

Given this series of happenings … I have recently been moved to think seriously about what happens when life here is over. I’ve found, myself repeatedly thinking,

What do I think really happens at that particular moment
when my last breath, or Nancy’s last breath, is breathed?

As I have pondered these issues I have remembered a book I skim-read a couple of years ago. That book, “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn is a 530 page detailed study; I remember thinking as I perused it, sometime I need to really study this book. Of course that sometime never came …. UNTIL …. all that I mention above became a shocking reality!!

But now in January 2020 and my life has been wonderfully fulfilled. For over a year I have studied the subject of “Heaven” . AND! I began my study by reading and reread Randy Alcorn’s book.

You now know the essence of what has led to this web site update. No question about it. I absolutely had to update the Crossroads web site. But before I open this series of articles I want to add another important point regarding the whys this update NOW.

I am doing this now because I am experiencing such a new and different strong conviction and I can’t contain my exploding excitement. Never a year ago would I ever have guessed that my seemingly never ending woundedness would or could become a genuine, joyful, sense of peace.

I am excited about Heaven …..and what I am discovering even as I write. I ask you to read on and be encouraged. Please! Just honestly read an article or two with a new open mind.

It is my unquenchable and consuming conviction that our Creator wants you and I to experience a compelling joy here on terra-firma: a joy that floods our thinking when we contemplate heaven .

See the INDEX on the sidebar and read a bit about the two books mentioned above entitled, “Two Great Books”.