What about Heaven ????

Why is it that we very seldom talk about Heaven ?
Think about this: every single one of us reading
these words know that in a day yet future, life
will end. Yet we talk very little about what comes
when our lives here on planet earth finally end.

Given the last 21/2 yrs of Nancy’s and my lives – and because of a series of faith-stretching , life threatening events – I have recently been moved to think seriously about what happens when life here on earth is over.As Ive studied this question, I have been reminded of 2 books I skimmed a few years ago.

These books are “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn and “Heaven” by Joni Eareckson Tada. The Randy Alcorn book is a 530 page detailed study; I remember thinking as I perused it, sometime I need to really study this book. Of course that time never came until recently. But at this juncture I have read and studied the subject of Heaven for a few months.

Given this series of happenings … I have recently been moved to think seriously about what happens when life here is over. I’ve found, myself repeatedly thinking,

What do I think really happens at that particular moment
when my last breath, or Nancy’s last breath, is breathed?

But now in May 2021 my life has been transformed. More specifically my mind has become wonderfully consumed by the subject of Heaven. I am excited about Heaven …..and what I am discovering I can’t wait to share. Never a year ago would I ever have guessed that my seemingly never ending questions would transform my thinking about life after death.

More importantly!!! It is my unquenchable and consuming conviction that our Creator wants you and I to experience a compelling joy here on terra-firma: a joy that floods our thinking when we contemplate heaven . Please read and reread.

See the INDEX on the sidebar and read a bit about the two books mentioned above entitled, “Two Great Books”.