– Intimacy, but how ?

The question looms large! I’m seeking the intimacy life in Jesus that the “Christ in you” paradigm speaks of, but how do I die to Self? Or said another way, how do I experience the daily crucifixion that Jesus and Paul talk about??? These questions are being asked daily by hundreds of con-scientious believers who want to experience a more consistent, deeper Christian life. 
This article is part of a series that will present the how-to’s of spiritual intimacy in the simplest way possible. The posts  will be brief and chronological. Each succeeding article will attempt to answer the questions that naturally arise from the preceding one. 
A brand new lifestyle….
Anyone beginning this experiential faith-relationship must come to realize that the Word teaches a few foundational truths that must undergird any and all attempts to embrace this life. To develop a truly Spirit-filled life of intimacy demands that we live a life in keeping with these
biblical revelations:
          1. The intimacy we are seeking is a supernatural 
which must begin with surrender
          2. This surrender is a moment by moment endeavor
              which must be learned.
          3. This surrender is aimed at allowing Jesus to be
                 our very life
          4. This surrender ushers in a genuine desire to 
                 lead a holy life.
We will comment on each of these statements and add a bit to what has alread been said.
  1. The union paradigm derives from what Jesus 
about in several different situations 
      covered in the Gospels. He used words like
, and 
many more words that imply 
      or connote a divine connection with 
Him: a
connection that shapes our behavior. The
result of this union is a Spirit to
       spirit experience.  
2.  Jesus made it very clear that this life which He lives
  in and through us is something that is meant to be
  a life-long learning experience
. His use of the 
  word DISCIPLE carries that kind of expected
 As we learn to surrender, He will use the
  events and happenings of our everyday lives to 
  teach us.
3.  The end objective of the intimacy union is what 
  many have called the exchanged lifeAs we 
  relinquish the control of our lives, He literally
  becomes our Life
. This is precisely what Jesus    
  meant when He said, “I am the way, the truth, and
  the life.” He is the ONLY WAY to live a life 
  pleasing to our heavenly Father. He is the WAY to
he LIFE !  That is, He is the ultimate TRUTH
  of truths.   
        4. The secret – and there really is no secret – to
            living a consistent life of intimacy embodies
            the realization that this
Union Life can only
            be experienced as we live holy lives. Hear what John
            says, “
If we say we have FELLOWSHIP with him
              while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not
              practice the truth.”
  I John 1:6 
           Thus, as we begin to learn how to enjoy fellowship 
           with Him, we soon discover that it is 
           and holiness that become the bottom line require-
           ment for intimacy.   
The next article will address the subjects of holiness and righteousness and how we develop lives that reflect these attributes.