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How Do I Embrace Father's Love ?
We’ve received several emails that express the same idea: This is an example of some of them:
       "I was at the WJ retreat; it was terrific. I felt invigorated and encouraged.  
But – if I’m honest – I don’t  know where to start to embrace Father’s love.”
This statement is not new to us. In fact, it’s a wonderful place to be for one who is genuine in “wanting more”. Although the Lord moves in each of our lives in a very personal way, this article is posted to be just another possible path by which some have started to embrace a life of growing spiritual intimacy.
New Beginnings  
As you read on, please note the seeming overuse of the words “beginning or begin”! For most of us, there is no other word that suffices: the genuine faith life that is threaded through the Word from Genesis to Revelation can be found to always have a beginning. So underscore the thought of beginning as you read this article.
Developing “LEARNING FAITH” .. The “Christ in You Paradigm”
The scriptures are replete concerning the truth that our normal, every-day, experiential life is to be one of continuous LEARNING. Jesus words in Matthew 11:38-42 are profound in what they reveal: It is only as we continue to stay YOKED to Him that we can LEARN what He is teaching us. We must not overlook the profound significance of this truth. 
For the serious believer, the belief that viewing every life-situation as an intended learning experience is a bed-rock truth that should become a genuine part of our daily live. When this biblical truth begins to take root, the reality of Father’s love begins to sprout wings … and a new passion is birthed.
It is as we start to realize that all of life is designed to draw us into an ever-deepening, love-relationship with Jesus, that our lives take on an entirely new, all-enveloping purpose. It is only as Jesus becomes our very Life, that we are able to appropriate the joy He spoke of, repeatedly, on that last night in the upper room. Hear His words again: 


       John 15:11“….. so that my joy may be
       in you and that your joy may be complete.”

Even a quick look at the context of this verse reveals what Jesus is teaching here. It is as His ABIDING PRESENCE (think: His YOKED Presence, according to Matthew) begins to become an ever-growing, experience that our faith bears fruit. This truth is marvelously illuminated in this Upper Room Discourse passage.

Life begins to come together as we begin to experience intimacy with Jesus .. and .. we begin to discover that this is “the abundant life”, His VERY LIFE !


Begin to live the FAITH LIFE by developing a growing spiritual listening; and, then do what you begin to discover is HIS DIRECTION and His Voice.