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If you have read the introductory piece on the Home page you know what 
this site is all about. 

If you want to read articles relating to the “Spiritual Intimacy" paradigm, begin
at the beginning of the side-
bar and read each of the first six articles. This will
introduce to the Crossroads ministry, its history, and you will get to know Jack 
and Nancy Gerry, the founders of the ministry.  Then follow the plan outlined  here:


1. Read the "Intro to the Christ in you" article and then read, in order, each 
    of the 9 entries under this article. 
2. Next, you may want to learn a bit about the biblical derivation of this
    experiential way of life. Or, you may have arrived at a point where you 
    want to meet the Gerrys via a phoncon. The advantage 
to taking this
    course of action is .. what you do next may depend upon such a conversation.
3. If you venture on into an examination of the background of this paradigm, you
    will discover that it is indeed nothing new. In fact you will recognize names as
    you read that you have probably known for years.
4. We have developed a workable order for anyone who wants to do a more
    detailed examination of what 
is contained herein. Here is the outline:
        a. In 2008 Crossroads brought Wayne Jacobsen to Maine for a week. 
            During that time we did a three day weekend of meetings. You will
            see here the first article we use. We use it on this site because it has
            such a helpful message. The article is entitled, “Frequently
            asked questions”.              
        b. The second brief article is included because it captures the tone of the
            majority of 150 people who  attended Wayne's seminar.  It is called 
"September – October Retreat News".          
        c. This third article is entitle, “WJ on Greatest Freedom". 
             Here are a few words by Wayne which I think will help any seriously
             interested person.
         d. “A New Work of the Spirit”: we have found that this piece helps new
              inquirers to think through the essence 
of this whole new – at least new
              for most of us –  lifestyle 
          e. “The Importance of Positional truth” is a lengthy article but its
              content is indeed 
foundational to a thorough understanding of the 
              scriptural teaching re:the paradigm.
          f. “Identification truths” is another fairly lengthy article that has served
              several believers well by giving them a better sense of the foundational
              truths that this 
paradigm is built upon.  

5. The remaining articles on this site cover the gamut of helpful material which 
    can be read
in almost any order.  Please know that anyone can check in with 
    the Gerrys for any recently new material that hasn't as yet made it to this
    web site.
Where ever you are on your spiritual journey,  we thank you for visiting the Crossroads' web site.  It is our prayer that the Presence of Jesus Christ might be a growing reality in your life.