Spiritual Intimacy Links

The following sites are so valuable that they are being listed with only a very brief comment.  Each one is well worth the time spent perusing.  You have much to gain by just dropping in for a quick look-see.   And .. stay tuned.  There is more coming as we get time to put them on.

Lifestream Ministry site – Wayne Jacobsen
Wayne Jacobsen is a dear friend of the Gerrys and the Crossroads ministry.  His site is numero-uno if you desire to be fed with life-changing Truth.

Ray Stedman's Site
The Peninsula Bible Church web site offers a wide variety of teaching helps that feature the down-to-earth teaching of the late much loved pastor/author/speaker Ray Stedman.  This is a must site for anyone in search of specific biblical materials – i.e. texts exposited etc.

The Servants Quarters – Gayle Erwin
Another site that is well worth the visiting is Gayle Erwin's user-friendly message oriented site.  Check this one out too.

New Hope Music site
If you're looking for good Christian music, visit this live-music site.  Ralph, a gifted songwriter/musician, has been the Crossroads' Business Manager for 20 plus years; and he's blessed many with his music.  His wide variety 320 songs and hymns are sung in 203 nations and 50 states.  Ralph Merrifield

Camp Berea site
A great Christian Camp located in the lush wilderness of the New Hampshire lakes region. The Gerrys have been good friends with the Ron Ward the camp director for many years. We would recommend this camp to believers who are looking for a camp where Jesus Christ is Lord and where the Scriptures are the authoritative source for all that takes place there.
CAMP BEREA – Nate Parks, Director

Jim Johnson's site
Jim Johnson is new to us at Crossroads.  Jack just came to know him through his daily radio podcast.  Jim is an itinerant preacher/speaker who maintains a web site where he lists his past two week's radio messages.  Jim is a fellow traveler who is passionate about communicating the Gospel to inquiring believers or hungry longtime Christians.  His aim is to reach his audience with the marvelous truth that God desires – above all else – that  every genuine believer enjoy an exciiting, intimate, dependent,  faith-relationship with Jesus as Savior, Lord, and Friend.

Warren Litzman site
The Christ-life is the liberating life available when the born-again believer realizes the Spirit of Christ living within is his righteousness, his very life—as Paul said, his hope of glory. Renewing the mind to this life, as Paul taught, relieves the believer from stressing over self-works for salvation and the guilt that follows human error. It also refocuses the believer to a love affair with his heavenly Father as a born-again son of God, a joint heir with Christ. Join us in learning and living the Christ-life.

One of Chip Brodgen's sites
This is a terrific place to go to hear a word for the day on any day. Chip’s material is wonderful. See his words below.  "We discovered long ago that a religion about Jesus kept getting in the way of a relationship with Jesus. The School of Christ is a place for people who believe that there has to be something more – and that "something" is not another church service or meeting, but a Spirit-and-Truth movement towards the simplicity of Christ.  This section of the website will take you behind the scenes and help you get a feel for who we are, what we're doing, and why. We hope you find something that brings encouragement and confirmation to you." Chip

Dallas Willard’s site
For a great discussion with Wtllard at Seattle Pacific University go to the 2nd site below.

Grace Walk site of Steve McVey
Here is a site that is  published to teach and preach solely the "Christ in you" message.  Steve's testimony is worth it's weight in gold. A pator for 29 years and a senior pastor for 17, he in desperation fell on his face before the Lord and in total surrender encountered the "Christ in you" paradigm.  This experience of brokennnes completely turned his life around.  Steve has been for anumber of years now been operating the Grace Walk ministry via radio, Tv, books, tapes, and a world-wide itinerant ministry.  I have gleaned much from Steve and recommend his work. 

Steve McVey's site 
This is a site that is packed with helpful material.  The material is readily available and well worth the examination and study. www.gracewalk.org

Diane's & Dan Smedra's site
This is a site that is packed with helpful material and well worth examination and study.  The couple who run this ministry are Dan & Diane Smedra.   withChrist.org also sponsors and maintains the official website for Christian author, Miles J. Stanford (withChrist.org/MJS).  Dan was a close personal friend of Miles and built Miles' website in 1995.

Christ as Us site
A great site with a number of links to others who are lving the "Christ in you" life.  Several of these links are audio files of Deeper-life men of renoun. 

Abidng Life Ministries International 
Words from the site: "Every believer has escaped eternal hell, and yet few find victory over the daily hell in which they live. Bondage to adverse circumstance, people, sin, and the past continues to steal abundant life from God's children. Abiding Life Ministries International is an evangelical discipleship ministry committed to helping defeated believers find victory over the daily obstacles of life."

Christian-Faith ministries
This is a terrific site – rich with material not published anywhere.  Check his Bible Teaching section.  I have established email contact with Michael Fackerell the author of the site.  Read his testimony and you will probably hear some very familar strains of truth that so many of us have been blessed by.

The School of Christ Ministry
This is another very good site that has a number of pages that reflect the "Christ in you" pardigm. Chip Brogden is a prolific author and posts a daily message on his site.  His latest book is "The Irresistable Kingdom".  Check out this site.

The Middletown Bible Church site
This is a very helpful site with a huge amount of good bible study material that derives from the "Christ in you" paradigm.  Check this site out for terrific material: i.e study and or  doctrinal materials.

It's a New Day daily radio site
This is a talk show hosted Willard and Betty Thiessen and Bob and Audrey Meisner.  This program has a variety of visiting speakers.  Steve McVey has been on that show many times since 2004.  The speakers that this station may ort maynot be in tune with the "Christ in you" paradigm.  But their archives includes a number of messages by Steve.

The Mystery of God
This is a wonderful site whose opening page is worth going to – "The Mystery of God" – just for it's own message. You will search long and hard todiscover the author.  I have found him and corespondede with him. He is a believer worth hunting to find.  THis site is rich with very helpful content.

Lifetime Guarantee Ministries
This is the site of Bill Gillham and his son Preston Gillham.  They are intimacy paradigm preachets/teachers and authors. Bill's popular book, "Lifetime Guarantee" is an excellent primer for anyone seeking to understand the "Exchanged Life" paradigm.


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