Web Intimacy Articles

Any and all articles on this site I assess to be worth reading in terms of the Intimacy paradigm. I will continue to post material that I think is helpful to fellow-travelers who share our passion for the "Christ in me" life. There is a tremendous amount of material on the web. I want to highlight here some of the helpful ones.

This article by Dallas Willard is a deeply inspirational piece. It is from his 2006 book, "The Great Omission". I have put this on the web site because of Willard’s words concerning those who inspired him on his journey to seek a deeper life. Given the respect that all of evangelical Christianity has for this man, makes his words substantive.

The article by Roger Helland is long but encouraging to anyone starting to embrace the intimacy paradigm. His honesty in wrestling with the how-tos of life make this worth the read.

The article by James Fowler is a theological treatise of the"Christ in us" paradigm and is VERY good. –worth taking the time to read through. I will be adding more from his pen.

The article by Joseph Stump, a Lutheran scholar,  writing about Martin Luther and the Intimacy message is more than a little interesting. Martin Luther enjoyed the Union with Christ paradigm.


The article by Norman Grubb, a man who spent his life teaching the "Exchanged Life" message,  is good.  He was a much loved deep man of God.

The Abiding article is from the www.abidinglife.com web site.   Another brief good read.

The Brokeness article by John is very challenging for anyone desiring a deeper more consistent walk.

Drop me an email and let me know if you found any of these helpful.