About Gerrys & Crossroads

Jack and Nancy GerryCrossroads: WHO and WHERE we are ….

Crossroads, Incorporated is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization formerly located in Sudbury, MA.  In August 2003 Jack and Nancy Gerry – the fulltime directors of the ministry – moved to Raymond, ME.  For details of the move see the "Ministry History" page on this site.

Incorporated as a youth ministry in 1972,  by 1987 Crossroads had a full time staff working with high school students throughout New England.

Recognizing the Lord's call to change its mission in 1989, the Crossroads' Board of Directors encouraged the Gerrys to adopt an expanded mission. 

In 1990 the Gerrys began to enjoy several part time interim pastor assignments throughout N.E.; and by1993 the Gerrys were working almost exclusively with adults. 

Since the early '90's, Crossroads has been a highly focused, message centered effort.  With a strong emphasis on experiencing God's Love and His unlimited Grace,  Crossroads now – through e-mails, phoncons, seminars, conferences, and speaking engagements – broadcasts the awesome truth of LIFE in Jesus Christ !!

Through the several long term interim pastor assignments in New England, Jack and Nancy have had repeated opportunities to share their passion for the spiritual intimacy message in churches of various denominations.

Both the Crossroads’ Board and the Gerrys are involved daily in encouraging believers who are experiencing times of extreme stress and/or seemingly insurmountable difficulty. Because of the nature of the ministry, the work is intentionally low-profile.

Crossroads continues to witness undeniable life-change in believers of every denomination/tradition who genuinely seek a deeper experiential faith relationship with Jesus Christ. It is often true!  All that is needed is an encouraging fellow-traveler who can share life with the believer who desires to deepen his or her relationship with Jesus.