A New Wind Blowing?


Maybe you've tuned in – but not really. You're still not convinced. You've talked to one or two who seem absolutely genuine …. BUT!!!!! You are tired of the fads that come and go like the changing seasons. HOWEVER !!! If the Holy Spirit is truly birthing something NEW — if the Lord is igniting a NEW life-changing passion in long-time believers — if this is for real, whatever it is ….. then you, too, want to be assured of a place in line; you want to know more. 

More than 15 years ago Henry Blackabee published his book, "EXPERIENCING GOD";  since that time, thousands of believers have embraced a NEW paradigm that has changed their lives. Now !!!  They are living in an intimate, authentic, experiential relationship with Jesus as Friend. Nancy and Jack have witnessed this phenomenon first hand. Having initiated, encouraged, and overseen nine different study groups, we at Crossroads have seen many believers positively transformed through "Experiencing God" . On the other hand, perhaps you tried Blackabee and that didn't happen to you.

BUT … now shift gears !!!!
If you have even an inkling of interest in deepening your daily walk with Jesus as best Friend, as well as Savior and Lord, then read on …..

Crossroads is a message centered ministry whose passion is to connect hungry believers who want more of an experiential relationship with God. Having discovered Christians from all over the 6-state region of New England who share this hunger, we are building a network of those of like-precious faith. If you've read our history, you understand a bit about our journey. As grateful as we are for the first 30 plus years of ministry, we want to never go back. We want only to continue on the still NEW road that the Lord introduced us to in 1989.

We never realized it was possible to live in the freedom and joy of a growing intimacy with Jesus.  We thought we had experienced all there was to experience in our Christian lives.   Like so many others we have met … we've been turned off by much that has been repeatedly offered: that "something more" that the Spirit has, if we will just be baptized in the Spirit and/or receive some form of second blessing. 

For us, as well as many of our friends, it is so simple that we had missed it. In a word, it is RELATIONSHIP. And even here we thought we had experienced all that the word implies. We were wrong – so VERY wrong. As long as the Lord allows us to continue our earthly journey, we will carry this life-changing message to anyone – anywhere – anytime.  If we sense that the Lord is so directing,  we will preach, teach, share … and we will organize and do seminars and conferences in churches, or in homes … and we will write. Our passion is unquenchable! Our desire is rekindled and fresh every day!

As you read these words, if you sense that the Lord is tugging at your inner-self — just listen to your heart and send us a response. Our life is now directed through prayer and listening. We are learning that communion with the Lord is dialogue – i.e. prayer is much more than a prayer list.  We have a longing to share what we are learning with anyone who wants to honestly dialogue. We count every fellow-traveler that we connect with as a gift from the Lord.

Please drop us an e-mail.

Warmly in Christ,
Jack and Nancy Gerry