– Revelation: A MUST !

Revelation: A Must !!
When we pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, we are entering the realm of the supernatural. To even begin to seek a life lived by means of
the “Christ in you” paradigm without being fully convinced of the need for Holy Spirit- revelation of Jesus Christ, is to begin a journey which deviates devastatingly from what scripture teaches.
I don’t know of a passage of scripture that more clearly reveals this truth than Ephesians 1:17. Read this entire passage, starting at Ephesians 1:15, as Paul begins the list of priorities that he prays for when bringing the believers in Ephesus1:17 before the throne of Grace. Notice particularly what he places at the top of his list.         
“I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of WISDOM AND REVELATION, so that you may know him better.”
Clearly, here, the apostle is concerned with the relationship that his hearers have with the Father and the Son. But what leaps out at us today in Paul’s prayer is what he specifically prays for as he seeks this relationship. He mentions two things: Wisdom and Revelation.
Any good commentary makes clear the essence of what Paul is asking God for in this petition. See the IVP publication, “Study Guide to Ephesians”, page 33-34. , page 33-34.
      “Paul made the same prayer (that Solomon prayed;
      see I Kings 3) for wisdom and understanding; and
      we have seen that to him 'wisdom' meant the under-
      standing of the meaning and purpose of life(see verse 9).
      The words that he adds also have important things to
      teach us.”
      “The word 'revelation' reminds us that such wisdom’       
      cannot come just by our searching and study, but only
      as God in His grace shows His glorious truth to us.
      That wisdom, moreover, is not just knowledge of
      facts and ideas. It is the knowledge of God
      That means knowing Him as a Person. It means life 
      (John 17:3). Such wisdom is indeed light for our eyes,
      light in the world's darkness; and if we follow that light,
      we shall never stumble.”
 It means life (John 17:3).
      Such wisdom is indeed light for our eyes, light in the
      world's darkness; and if we follow that light, we shall
      never stumble.

Paul’s concern for the Ephesians was that they might have the supernatural wisdom that only God could give them. And, of course he wanted that for them so that they might enjoy an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
I will add one more scripture which needs no explanation. The meaning of the word revelation in Gal 1:12  is blatantly clear and needs no added comment.
            "I did not receive it from any man, nor was I
            taught it; rather, I received it by
            from Jesus Christ."  
We could take a lengthy excursus through the Word and we would find that this biblical concept of revelation is threaded throughout the scriptures. If we are earnest in our desire to experience the life of Jesus in us, we must pray for ourselves what Paul prayed for the Ephesians. I highly recommend reading Paul’s entire prayer in Ephesians 1:15-23. Better still read the whole chapter.