Intro to: Christ in you

Introduction to the "Christ in you" paradigm

This section of the web site treats the “Christ in you” deeper life paradigm.  The section is posted to provide help to first-time inquirers as well as seasoned paradigm believers. 

For you who are just beginning to learn about this experiential lifestyle paradigm, there are several articles that treat the subject in an overview manner. See all of the articles under the "Intro to: Christ in you" … and read them in the order in which they are posted. .

For believers who want to study the scriptural background, as well as learn what others have written regarding this experiential paradigm, there are several in-depth articles. See the "Helpful Testimonies" pages as well as the "Web Intimacy Articles" page.   Also see our links page !

We will continue to add to and modify the posting on this site; and, we will soon begin to indicate new additions on the NEWLY ADDED ARTICLES page.  New links to other worth-while “Christ in you” paradigm sites will be added frequently as well.

If you, the reader, want more information than can be found on this site, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email. We usually respond to contacts within a day of getting the request.