– Intimacy Paradigms

 Experiental Life in Christ

We believers are living at an exciting time. There is a plethora of good material now becoming available that focuses on the experiential nature of the Gospel. And, a cursory study of these materials makes it clear: there are several different ways in which an intimate faith-relationship with God can be enjoyed.

For some believers, the idea of living in an intimate relationship with the FATHER becomes the base of the lifestyle experience that is sought after. For others, it is enjoying an intimacy with God by means of the HOLY SPIRIT that works best. While for still others, it is intimacy with JESUS the SON that is the growing passion of the experiential faith-relationship.

What is of uttermost importance is that the object of any biblical-based lifestyle is resolultely focused on an experiential love-faith-relationship with God. And the operative words here which cannot be overemphasized are experience, love, faith, and relationship.  Yes it's true !!  All four of these words are key words that point to spiritual intimacy.

Since the mid 1950's there has been a growing, neglect of the experiential part of the Christian life and lifestyle. In fact, in some circles, it has become true: to even think about the Christian life in terms of experience is considered emotional, heretical and in many cases unbiblical.
This fact is more than just unfortunate; this truncated gospel is producing a Christian culture that is missing the very essence of the Gospel message. What has slowly crept into the Christian culture in America, is a wide spread dead-faith that lacks the joyous reality of Jesus' Presence. This deliberate avoidance of the experiental nature of faith has permeated many churches and para-church Christian works.
Although there are a number of explainable reasons for this sad phenomena, in this article we will simply say that much of the avoidance of the intimate, relational nature of Christianity has come from the extremes and abuses of some troubling theologies that undergird many Charismatic and Pentecostal ministries. It is so very sad that we have “thrown the baby out with the bath water”.
Crossroads Intimacy Paradigm
The Crossroads ministry has – since 1990 preached, taught, and lived – what has been labeled the “Exchanged Life” paradigm. During the late 1800's and through the early 1900's, there were a number of deeply respected bible teachers who proclaimed the true Gospel throughout the world.
Many of the articles included on this web site don't use the word "paradigm". But, reading the material makes it unavoidably clear: the focus is indeed Jesus and His repeated teaching regarding His desire for an Abiding and intimate relationship with believers.
The articles listed on the sidebar are a collection of writings from men and women who span the years of 1800-2009. Several of these authors are believers, who exhibit a consuming passion to know Jesus at a deeper level, and have contributed to the library of classics that are can be found on the shelves of most serious bible students.
Crossroads maintains such a library; and, anyone wanting the titles of these classics can contact Jack and Nancy.