The How to’s

 Opening thoughts

“Where do I begin? I don’t even know where to start!” 
Nancy and I hear questions like this whenever a person who is just beginning the experiential intimacy journey initiates a conversation with us.
If you are coming to these web pages as a long time believer who has just begun this spiritual journey, then welcome aboard! You are in good company. Even those of us who have been on this road for a while, are very familiar with the whole family of “How to” questions. This section of this site is written to encourage believers just like you. Hopefully and prayerfully – we want the following words to help you unpack the “Where to start?” question.
The overarching awesome truth of all other Christian lifestyle truths is part of the root of the John 3:16 verse. And, there isn’t a Christian alive who doesn’t know this verse, BUT … very few of us have learned how to live out of this life-changing truth.
That we are more deeply loved by our Heavenly Father than we can possibly comprehend is not just a theological premise; it is the foundational truth out of which all of human life is designed to emanate.
The missing part
Most of us who have been Christians for a long time have missed a huge truth:
           Divine Love is to be the very essence
             of our everyday lives. 
And, it is the “experiential” nature of the John 3:16 Love that is missing for so many of us. During the last few decades, the Christian culture has all but lost this most important truth. But that’s the bad news. The good news is huge !  AND praise is the order of the day!!
We are living in the very center of a quietly exploding, revitalizing work of God. The Spirit is moving across the entire country and He is cris-crossing all lines of separation that divide the human family of believers.
These articles are posted to help anyone who is hungry for an honest new encounter with the Holy Spirit. IF you qualify – that is – if you are alive at all and breathing sufficiently to be able to read these words, there is a NEW Life waiting to come alive in you … AND it is offered with absolutely no attachments. Just read on.
It’s all about Jesus
As you will discover in this post, our message here can be defined very simply: it’s Jesus! And, Jesus Himself, said it most clearly in John 14:6: “I am the Life!” This is it. This is the Truth of truths. And we don’t want to miss any of all that is packed into John 14:6. But note: it requires the entire New Testament to explain that the Life He identifies is the Life that all genuine believers are looking for.
Where ever we are on the path of Life, we are being prepared for everlasting life in the very Presence of God!! We are all barely beginners, nonetheless the all-encompassing Love of our Father for each of us is so far beyond our comprehension that it eludes our grasp. Our pilgrimage here on earth – this time away from our real home – is ONLY preparatory BUT, it is so very important for us to “get the training right”.
Learning to live in our Father’s Affection, as Wayne Jacobsen would say, must become the upper-story of our daily, moment by moment goals. 
Final thoughts
We will discover, as we work through the articles on this web site, that our Father has designed life in such a way that our entrance into Eternity begins down here. Only when Jesus begins to become our Life, will we sense the wonder of the plan of the Triune God for all of us Ragamuffins.        
Don’t blush when you read the next sentence! Life is meant to be exciting – really exciting. But listen carefully: I didn’t say that it is meant to be free of challenges … and yes … we may well experience even deep struggles than we’ve ever known before. But, nothing happens by chance. 
We’ll talk about all of that and much more as we move on in these articles. For now, just read chronologically through the various, self-contained, short messages in this section. 
Most important! And get this straight! You were called to a Life in which the Creator wants us to learn how to “ENJOY THE TRIP” whatever the circumstances. See you down the road a piece. 

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